Super Soapy Massage New York Style

Watch as the shower gel slides off the smooth skin of a sexy masseuse.

Soapy bubble time

If you are seeking a super soapy massage nyc style then you are in the right place. Join your sexy masseuse in the shower or bath, and let her clean your whole body from head to toe and everything in between.

After that you can both move to the bouncy blowup mattress and proceed to have a very erotic one-on-one personal soapy massage session.

Come see us for the very best soapy massage in Manhattan.

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Get lathered up with shower gel and play to your hearts content with a beautiful woman

Super Soapy Massage in NYC

Forget the Far East, New York is the best place to experience the joys of soapy massage.

This is one of our favourite erotic massage sessions, it is fun and highly erotic too. Despite the vast array of erotic massage providers in NY we are surprised to see that not many offer soapy massage.

This is actually quite strange considering that it does not take much material or objects to engage in this therapy.

All you need to perform this massage is –

  • shower gel
  • sponge
  • water
  • blow-up plastic mattress

and of course of sensual masseuse (preferably a sexy masseuse such as the ones at Erotic Massage NYC).

All these items, apart from the sexy masseuse, can be bought on Amazon.

So where did soapy massage come from, who invented it?

Great question, unfortunately no one has written a book on the history of soapy massage.

So while we don’t know who the people were behind this fantastic invention, we do know that is originally come from the red-light areas of cities in Japan, in fact these areas are even known as soap-lands.

Just thinking of an area with many hot naked Japanese girls covered in soapy bubbles is enough to float your boat, let alone going to Tokyo’s red-light district and trying one.

Fortunately you do not have to go all the way to Japan or other Asian cities to experience it.

Since it’s inception soapy massage has become popular all around the world from Bangkok to London to adult videos, to couples bedrooms.

Let us tell you what happens during a NYC soapy massage session

First of all the masseuse will invite you to take a shower with her (this is a great way to ease your self into the session and calm any nerves you might have).

The masseuse will then clean every part of your naked body including your legs, back, bum and genitals.

Once you are all clean she will rinse off the shower gel… don’t worry though, this is not the last time the shower gel will be on your body.

Sounds good so far doesn’t it?

Ok what next…

She will help you step out of the shower and invite you onto the plastic inflatable mattress. She will not dry your body with a towel, as your body needs to be wet.

Next to the mattress will be a bucket of water and sponge.

The masseuse will squeeze the gel from the shower gel bottle and make it all nice and bubbly, she will then cover her body in the nice smelling shower gel and water.

This part alone is worth the entrance fee just to see a sexy female spread gel all over her body including boobs, stomach and legs.

You will be asked to turnover where she will give you a sublime body to body massage.

The masseuse will make sure to keep sponging your body in soapy shower gel, while sliding up and down and across your nude body.

This will feel fantastic, you will feel her breath on the back of neck, which will send shivers down your spine.

When you are asked to turnover, she will work on your front side. As with any decent erotic massage, the last twenty of so minutes will focus on your genitals.

The masseuse will stare deep into your eyes as she plays with your testicles. You will be in heaven.

As for the ending… well we can only describe this part as a super sensual seductive explosion of joy and happiness.

Have we convinced you already to come see us for a soapy massage?

If not, let us provide you with some extra reasons –

  • It is a great way to clean your body, almost like a sensual body scrub. 
  • It is a great way to get the blood circulating, which will make you feel good.

The whole session will make the chemicals known as endorphins grow in your brain, which is a positive for the bodies immune system.

It is the best way to spend an afternoon in New York. Come join us for soapy massage session soon, your body will be extremely grateful.


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Customers reviews

Thank you for a wonderful time last Thursday. It was the first time I have experienced a soapy massage, and it will certainly not be last. I enjoyed every last second of it and will be back for more in the future.
On the recommendation from my friend I came for a soapy session. I am very glad my friend told me about you guys, you really provided me with a memorable time.