Sensual Four Hands Massage (with 2 sexy ladies)

Let two sensual masseuses caress your body in Manhattan.

Just imagine two attractive naked females gliding and moving all over you nude body.

Having two sensual therapists in Manhattan work your body feels utterly amazing and is something every massage lover in NYC must do. You will feel four kinky hands sensually tease every area of your body which should culminate in an explosive ending of satisfaction and joy.

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What is Four Hands Massage?

This is a traditional massage where two therapists work on your body at the same time – it’s literally double the pleasure.

As well as feeling all the satisfaction of a two-handed massage a four hands massage brings extra bliss. If two hands can make you feel out of this world, imagine what four hands can do as they touch more of your skin, and more of your intimate areas.

It’s like having two full sensual body massages at the same time.

What Happens During an NYC Four Hands Massage?

Talented therapists will help you relax with a neck and shoulder massage before moving on to slowly caress other parts of your body – no part is left untouched.

Four hands massage NYC style is a choreographed pleasure.

One masseuse will take your left side whilst the other will take your right – and they’ll use the same strokes mirrored for your ultimate enjoyment.

Long sweeping movements will caress your arms, legs, back, and buttocks before moving into more intimate areas.

Because your mind will struggle to predict where the next tantric touch will come from it gives up control allowing you to experience the luxury of relaxing stimulation.

It’s no lie that two beautiful women massaging you simultaneously is difficult to beat for pure pleasure and intimate sensual fun.

Reasons To Try Our Erotic 4 Hands Massage In New York

It feels so good, you’ll be reserving your next session before you’ve left. If you need more reasons, here you go…

The physical sensations are exquisite, but this is a deep tissue massage with four strong, soft hands that tease out all of your aches and pains.

If you have a stiff neck from your office chair, or backache from a bad night’s sleep, the ladies will soothe and smooth them away.

Body massage is proven to boost your circulation and lymphatic system helping to flush out toxins and get your skin glowing.

The massage lotion is utterly moisturizing and soothing – so you’ll leave feeling pampered, healthy and satisfied.

If you struggle to relax during a regular two hand massage this is the right treatment for you. You simply have to give up control because it’s impossible to predict who will touch you first and in what order the strokes will come.

Leaving our stresses behind is so important for good mental health

If you’ve been finding it hard to concentrate or feeling anxious a four hands erotic massage in Manhattan can lower your blood pressure, soothe away your stress and bring relaxing pleasure we all need to feel human. You’ll soon be back in the game.

And of course having two beautiful, sexy women touching your naked body all over is highly exciting. You can’t beat four hands massage for sheer eroticism.

4 hands massage in New York is perfect for men and women who have trouble letting go.

The massage is more intense that it’s double the pleasure leaving your body and mind in a state of total relaxation, sensual excitement and ultimate gratification.


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Customers reviews

Being massage by two women is a crazy experience. Having two woman pamper you like that is something I think every guy should try at least once.
I felt so blissed-out and peaceful after the massage. This is has to be a much better way to relax than having a few beers after work right?