Domination Massage NYC

Time to get a little kinky in Manhattan.

Domination massage in New York, is also referred to as a BDSM massage.

It is the most kinkiest massages you can try in Manhattan, NYC. It is where the provider will do all kinds of naughty things to your body.

She will having you riding that fine line between pleasure and pain. Domination massage is not for those with a faint heart.

This session is for those who like to take their naughty erotic side to the next level but also appreciate a deep sensual massage too.

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What is Domination Massage?

It’s when your masseuse carries out a glorious full body erotic massage whilst indulging your deepest, darkest domination fantasies.

You’ll be under strict instruction – the masseuse is in charge and she will hand out punishments to those who disobey.

A Domination Massage in New York involves the following…

It’s sensuality with domination play – tantra at its finest. Domination massage is for those that enjoy a deep tantric massage that stimulates their whole body. But want to take the naughty fun much further into the realms of light BDSM.

If you’re bored with your sex life and want to spice it up a bit – this could be great experience for you. Your domination masseuse will soon have you on that fine line between pleasure and pain.

You’ll agree in advance what can happen in the session, and your masseuse will begin with a soothing massage to relax you into the play – then anything can happen as she takes control of your body.

If it’s your first time enjoying domination massage and you feel nervous, don’t be.

Your masseuse will know what to do, and she’ll adapt the massage to suit your desires – everyone is an individual with different levels of enjoyment.

Some men and woman find they return to the same masseuse each time they have a domination massage because she will understand their needs.

Going further into domination massage with someone you trust is an exciting road to take.

Domination massage isn’t all about bondage, despite certain ‘Grey’ books, but it can certainly be incorporated. All a masseuse needs to dominate you entirely is her voice and enticing body parts – everything else is optional.

The session could include –

  • Light whipping
  • Biting
  • Scraping your body with her nails
  • Spanking

and so much more.

Reasons To Add Domination Massage To Your Bucket List

Many people enjoy domination massage; it’s a common desire in the tantric experience that caters to the BDSM fetish. Our masseuses are practised and talented in this field.

Tantric energy is released through all types of sensual experiences, and if this is something you’ve been dreaming of you’ll boost your well-being by trying it.

A deep desire to try out darker fantasies will stimulate your senses to such lengths that you’ll forget all your troubles. Anxieties and stress melt away as you experience a dark tantric massage, and indulging in desires does us good, it keeps our souls happy.

DON’T FORGET – All work and no domination play makes for unhappy men.

If you can open your body and mind to domination massage, and let someone else be in charge of your whole body, you’ll find it’s extremely erotic and tantalising.

If you’re curious about domination and you’d like a beautiful sexy woman telling you what to do as she intimately massages your body parts, this is the massage you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re experienced in domination, you’ll find our masseuses are talented, willing and ready to bring on the ultimate domination massage. This session will ll have you tingling for days afterwards.


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Customers reviews

One of the most intriguing massage sessions I have tried. I enjoyed it and would recommend to other guys.
Mr D
One of the few places in the city to get a domination massage like this. Thank you Erotic Massage NYC for having it on your menu.